29 JULY 2018

How do these amazing families cope?

by Elise

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How do these amazing families cope?

Guest blog from Elise, mother of 3 including Noah, now 8 who is autistic. Elise and Noah appear in our launch video which you can see on the Foundation website.

Watching a Louis Theroux documentary about autism one evening and seeing the families with more than one child with the diagnosis really shocked and upset me. How do these amazing families cope it must be so difficult…

At this point I had a brain damaged teenager, a younger daughter and a 2 year old son. Oh my goodness, little did I realise that my beautiful toddler would start showing signs of regressive autism just weeks later and my eldest son would also be diagnosed with ASD, to add to all his other difficulties !!!

We were now to be one of those families… DEVASTATED IS ALL I CAN SAY!!!!!!!!!! Noah who had speech, eye contact and imaginative play skills started losing these. He is now non-verbal at the age of 8.

We started to look for help when Noah was 3 and found ABA. After years of part homeschooling, massive financial and emotional stress, fighting through tribunal (which we won????????????????) Noah is in full time education with full time Behavioural Analytic support along with sensory OT input. This has made a huge difference and his progression since it went into effect last September has been amazing. He is still non- verbal but is communicating efficiently and functionally using a Pecs app via his iPad and is due to convert to a more complex device. He had a very limited diet and never ate at school but now sits with his peers and has hot lunches.

The most important progression for us is that he now wants to be with other children and loves his classmates and they love him. He recently came 2nd in the egg and spoon race on sports day with his friends cheering his name and hugging him at the finish line! Tears of joy were shed at this huge achievement ????????

This would never have happened if the constant support wasn’t part of his daily life allowing him to access the curriculum. Our children need this EXPERTISE and EARLY INTERVENTION. THE FIGHT IS WORTH IT!

I am looking forward to hearing more about Petra’s Place and the children who go there.

Love to all you amazing families out there ❤????

The Author

Elise, mother of 3 including Noah, now 8, who is autistic.

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