The Life You Never Expected

by Andrew & Rachel Wilson

Reviewed by Faye

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The Life You Never Expected.

By Andrew & Rachel Wilson
reviewed by Faye

When Leandri recommended this book to me, I wasn’t sure how much would be from a hopeful Christian perspective and how much from the reality of day to day life with a child on the spectrum, however I am so glad I read it and in fact read it twice.

Written by a set of parents who are raising two children with Autism, I found that it has found a balance between acknowledging the hardships and whilst still being hopefully and finding contentment. The book contains insightful wisdom of how to look at things differently and the bigger picture when your journey of parenthood is different to what you thought it would be.

A few of my takeaway quotes:

 ‘This is almost unbearable, and it’s almost worth quitting, but the sun is on its way . . . The light always break.’

 ‘Special needs, like the Orange, are unexpected. We didn’t plan for them and didn’t expect them. Because our children are such a beautiful gift we often feel guilty for even saying this but we might as well admit that we didn’t want our children to have Autism.’

 ‘Gradually, as time starts to heal, we come to terms with the situation and we learn that there are some wonderful things about what we’ve been given, as well as the difficult and painful things.’ 

 ‘The old dreams die, but new ones form. The clouds close in, but the sun finds a way, eventually, of breaking through.’

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